Project management

The KMH team’s project management expertise covers all aspects of integration, from concept to completion including budget management, Bill of Materials development, construction timelines, labor scheduling, procurement, and implementation. We’re skilled at managing project engineers from initial conceptual systems through final design and system delivery, as well as creating design concepts, labor, material and expense budgets and project timelines.
We know how to maintain strong working relationships with a network of partners, including architects, construction and electrical contractors, acousticians, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP), structural cabling teams, and product manufacturers.

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Consulting & Planning

On every project, regardless of scope, KMH collaborates and consults with your senior management, IT, engineering, and technical production teams from the earliest project phase to deliver the right combination of workflow and production technologies to help you connect with your audiences. We’ll make sure your facility, whether it’s an upgrade or ground-up new build, supports current production requirements and is also flexible infrastructure to accommodate future expansion and the addition of new technologies.
REMI, Cloud, on/off-premise, multi-site, virtualized or centralized production -- there are so many options for production workflows, and we understand you often have a hard time choosing. Our role as system integrators is consulting with you to help you determine which type of workflow is right for you as your business grows.
To help customers fully envision what their facilities or new spaces will look like, the KMH team uses all major graphics and architectural software, including:
• The full Adobe suite, including Illustrator, Photoshop, AfterEffects, and Premiere
• Autodesk Maya 2022 with Arnold Renderer for creating accurate and realistic renderings and 3D Visualization with real-world dimensions.
• Autodesk AutoCAD to provide finalized layouts for customer approval and files for fabricators to use when building sets.

Design & Engineering

At our facility in Hauppauge, New York, the team conducts cable fabrication, equipment rack preloading, sub-systems pre-testing, and test bed environments. Our customers and partners can use this site to test and commission systems before they are delivered to a job site. Customers often use this facility to train their staff while developing and refining user interfaces for editing, routing, and other customized configurations.

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System Integration & Installation

Traditional system integration work – providing ongoing consulting services, designing, and installing new A/V technologies – is still the core of our business. But our customers are working differently and so are we.
KMH is continually adding new services and forging new technology partnerships to help customers adapt to changing business environments. KMH customizes video networks, designs remote production workflows for WFH or hybrid employees, and deploys new media distribution systems and IP encoding platforms – configuring each to fit an organization’s unique requirements, needs and budgets.

Managed & creative services

Many organizations are doing more with less: fewer internal resources, shrinking budgets. The only thing not decreasing is the heighted need to exceed your customers’ expectations. Whatever business challenge you’re facing, you still need to do the interview or get a show to air.

KMH can help run your technical operations or manage your engineering services. Our people are trained in more than just traditional integration skills, but also know how to run media services, networking, NDI, Dante, 2110.

Wherever your hosts, talent or productions are located, we’ll develop the right workflow to help your show come off as seamlessly as if everybody were working in the same room together. New creative services like our “Marquee Pro” streaming environment merges two key components of a remote production system: an NDI streaming lab and a fully customizable and portable studio set. KMH and its network of partners can also provide technical direction, set and lighting design, on-camera presentation support and scriptwriting services.

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Service & Support

Organizations need a partner who can also consult with them in the early phases of a project, do the work on time and then stay with them once everything is done to make sure they’re properly trained and equipped for success.
We work with customers as a long-term partner, forming the type of connection where they have a comfort level knowing we're available for them. System integration is now about more than building a system and handing it over. Once we complete a project, we don't disappear, we become part of your operational workflow and long-term creative strategy.

The KMH Project Process

While no two projects are alike in terms of scope, KMH has established a proven project process that forms the foundation of every engagement:

  • Create the Project Plan
  • Proposal & Bill of Materials Review
  • Perform Infrastructure Confirmation
  • Engineering Design & Integration Plan
  • Create Risk Management Plan
  • Procurement & Material Management Tasks
  • Begin Off-Site Integration
  • Begin On-Site System Installation
  • Develop Programming Procedure
  • Perform Test and Commissioning
  • Begin Acceptance Testing
  • Perform Training
  • Knowledge Transfer and Training
  • Project Closeout

Engineering & Technical Capabilities

The KMH team works closely with your IT, engineering, and management teams to deliver technical solutions that are easy to operate and maintain.

  • Specifying and integrating LED video walls, processing, graphics and software
  • Creating experiential immersive AV systems to deliver brand messaging and enhance visitor engagement
  • Integrating technology innovations and storytelling concepts into architectural spaces
  • Deploying live IP streaming platforms and remote production technologies
  • Designing hybrid 4K-capable / Full HD studios and control rooms
  • NDI/Dante compliant streaming using SRT and WebRTC protocols with QoS monitoring
  • Configuring IP-based workflows from acquisition through distribution (MPEG 2/4, JPEG 2000, SPTS, MPTS)
  • Merging virtual and hard news sets with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities
  • Building flexible infrastructures to accommodate legacy and new equipment
  • Evaluating and streamlining media workflows
  • Customizing video networks and employing new media distribution systems and IP encoding platforms
  • Custom audio, video, control, fiber and data cabling
  • Integrating audio, video, server and router control systems