KMH is now partnering with Montclair State University.

New York Giants Up Year-Round Production Game with KMH Integration!

KMH is now partnering with Red Bull Arena.

KMH is now partnering with the Viacom Ingest Project.

KMH assisted Vice Media with some Control Room Upgrades!

KMH teams up with MetLife Stadium for big changes in 2017!

What our Clients are Saying

“Here at 285 Madison Avenue we put in a new Post Production facility a little over a year ago and worked with a very conscientious vendor, KMH Audio-Video Integration, Inc. They worked with us on price, quality and was more than accommodating with the slow approvals we were giving them. They were also resourceful with the limited budget we were giving and trying to keep the facility director happy… I’d love to open them up to the WPP network since they were that good.”

“We had several challenges in undertaking our programming goals which required transmission solutions that were easy and seamless. KMH understood not only the technical challenges but were extremely understanding of our content goals also. Our shows can now evolve from either venue, giving us the flexibility and luxury of having many drops and remotes from virtually anywhere in each location.”

KMH is a proud community member!

Through the years, KMH has not only devoted our business to provide the best experience for our clients, but to making a difference in our community. We are actively involved in giving back by offering tours and we donate equipment and services to the community.

If you’re interesting in partnering with us to provide support to the local community through our charity efforts, please contact us today.