Public Media Management (PMM) Project

This project utilizes a mix of traditional and modern technology and services. The system was designed by Sony engineering with KMH providing integration services including on-site testing and end-user training. The overall goal is to provide a centralized media management and storage platform that centers on the Sony Ci cloud service coupled with automated baseband ingest and playout. This system gives PMM subscribers access to media that is created locally and then made available in Sony Ci to be repurposed by other subscribers across the country.

The local PMM nodes are monitored and if necessary managed from a central location at the PMM NOC in Boston MA. This is accomplished using the public internet and the latest in IP encoding technology as a low-cost, effective means of monitoring off-air signals thousands of miles away from the NOC. This system maintains the local content creation and production capabilities while providing a centralized master control and monitoring facility which helps streamline the local operations. Current subscribers include TV stations from New Hampshire to New Orleans, Alabama and Arizona, with new subscribers continually coming online.

Key Components and Manufacturers:

  • Harmonic Servers
  • Crispin Automation
  • Evertz IP Encoding and Monitoring
  • Utah Scientific SDI Routing
  • Sony Ci Cloud